They do a Great job! Highly recommend them.
My girlfriend and I were on our way to Austin then our car got a check engine warning. Stopped by the closest Automotive shop with the best reviews. We told Wayne our issue and he was more than happy to figure out the cause of the problem. Unfortunately he was unable to fix the problem (transmission oil/cvt) but he pointed us to someone who could (Pro 1 Transmission) Pro 1 actually saved us money by telling us that our car (2008 Altima) is under an extended warranty and could be fixed for free at the dealership. I recommended both automotive shops (both within 10 mins of each other) Thanks Wayne / Pro 1 for the help. Papa bless
The staff here were so helpful and wonderful! I thought I had a flat tire in the middle of a 2000 mile road trip. I called and they said they could see me as soon as I got in. Once I got there, they had someone look at it right away. He filled up all my tires and got me back on the road in less than 20 minutes and they didn't charge me anything at all. GREAT customer service. You can tell they have customers that have been coming here for years. I would recommend 100%. Thank you!!!
We were driving through Texarkana in the middle of July and the AC went out in our car. We needed more freon. We told the nice people that we were on our way to see our sons play basketball and we wanted to make the game. They were very nice to accommodate us so that we could get our car back to cooling and make the game on time! These people are very nice!!!
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